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The Three Children of Fatima

Blessed Jacinta, Sister Lucia, and Blessed Francisco.

In 1917, in Fatima, Portugal was the centre of one the most important and amazing events of the twentieth century. As the professor, Plinio Correa de Oliveira, beautifully put it: 'Through three children, Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco, Our Lady appeared, in the face of moral crisis, and invited the whole world to repentance, conversion and reparation to God for all sins, both private and public.'

The Message of Fatima consisted of three parts. The first concerned a vision of hell and condemnation of the vast number of souls who did not care about their salvation, and who do not want to hear the message to pray and repent. How similar the situation is especially today, when many people live as if God did not exist.

The second part of the Message relates to temporal punishment, which will soon fall on the world for its sins and apostasy from God. Mary's prophecy soon came true, for only 20 years after the revelations, World War II broke out. And soon after was spread the "errors of Russia", a monstrous menace in the form of atheistic communism and a variety of related social and moral deviations.

The third secret of Fatima presents a vision of the inevitable punishment that falls on the world and causes a great ruinous disaster, including all social classes led by the Holy Father. Finally, after a great cleansing there is a return to God. Regardless of whether the attempt on Pope John Paul II can be regarded as one of the signs of the fulfillment of the third secret or not, we can be confident that - given the moral state of the world today - sooner or later must come cleansing of God's justice.

Has our Lord left us without salvation in the face of these tragic events? No. The Mother of God has brought us these remedies: the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart; and the Five First Saturdays devotion of the Month. Mary also called for the daily recitation of the Rosary and mortification with the intention of the conversion of sinners. We only depend now on whether - and how - we use them.

The Blessed Virgin at Fatima announced: At the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph! What does victory rely on? Professor Plinio de Oliveira writes: 'What may therefore be a triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, if you do not reign Blessed Virgin said St. Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort. And what else can be a kingdom, if not the virtues of the age when humanity is reconciled with God within the Church, when people live on earth according to God's law, preparing for the glory of heaven. And he continued: the Blessed Virgin clearly presented the alternatives: either be converted or receive a terrible punishment. But at the end of the world, the Immaculate Heart of Mary will reign. In other words, in one way or another, with more or less human suffering, the Heart of Mary will triumph. This means that according to the Fatima message, the reigning days of lawlessness are numbered. For this reason, you can say without the slightest fear of falling into a contradiction, that the Message of Fatima is greater than all that Providence has given to people in the face of the great storms of history.'

The servant of God, John Paul II, said that the Fatima apparitions are a clear sign of Providence in our time: 'Fatima enables us to see the work of God's Providence, guiding with patience and understanding in the twentieth century. Therefore, we need not fear.'

Let us pray to Our Lady of Fatima, Lady of the Rosary, and to the Blessed shepherds Jacinta and Francisco, for the grace of faith and conversion. To the Immaculate Heart of Mary, triumph as soon as possible!

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