Our Lady greeted with
enthusiasm by
the people of Fiji

Australia Needs Fatima
Fiji schools outreach

Mr Geliot of Australia Needs Fatima took with him ten thousand rosaries for the kits that would be distributed. Each kit also included a handsome illustrated flyer explaining how to pray the Rosary, with all the prayers.

The rosaries and flyers were blessed by Rev Fr Etuweni Rasiosateki, National Chaplain of World Apostolate of Fatima Movement (Fiji) on 17 November. And on the very next day presentations in the schools began.

Our seven-week tour took in an astonishing 27 parishes, 45 schools, 40 villages, and over 100 hundred home visits throughout the islands of Viti Levu, Vanua Levu, Ovalau, and Kandavu.

Our Fatima programme in Fiji runs in tandem with our Papua New Guinea programme. Together, both programmes are the two sides of our Pacific Islands apostolate. And like PNG, our work in Fiji has been growing apace.

As part of our Pacific Islands Mission, Australia Needs Fatima brought the Pilgrim Virgin statue to Fiji for seven weeks in August and September.

"Fiji Apostolate of Fatima"

True to Oceania culture, the Fijians are
very kind, hospital, courteous and formal

The Statue travelled more than 2,000 kilometers by road and sea. The custodians distributed 37,000 beautiful pictures of Our Lady, rosary beads and medals.
In all 35,000 people took part in the events and venerated the Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima.

This mission has been possible due to the generous support of Australia Needs Fatima members. Thanks to your help, this time the goal was a large distribution of Rosary Kits to students in Fijian schools.

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