The Shrine of
Our Lady of Fatima

Nossa Senhora do Rosário da Fátima

The Shrine of Fatima is a place of pilgrimage, which celebrates the memory of its founding event, the apparitions of Our Lady to the three little Shepherds.

Roses for Our Lady

On the 13th of May, 2016 our representatives arrived in Fatima loaded with boxes of consecration pledges and prayer petitions collected in Australia, Papua New Guinea, and the Asian Pacific. They also carried bundles of fresh roses for our Rosary Rally Captains and our monthly donors.

One rose to be placed in the shrine in the name of
each Captain and each monthly donor.

A cool, rainy morning gave way to a sunny afternoon as a vast crowd gathered for the feast day ceremonies. The delegation paused at the edge of the esplanade, arranged the flowers and loaded the petitions and pledges onto a cart. When everything was ready, the happy group wheeled it all over to the spot where Our Lady appeared to the Fatima children.

The holy place was packed with pilgrims, many of whom were circulating the famous Pilgrim Virgin statue on their knees in penance. Our representatives made their way through the crowd to the official in charge, who kindly took our petitions, pledges and roses.

Finally, a big candle was lit for our Rosary Rally Captains, our donors, and all who had entrusted us with their positions and consecration pledges. Our beautiful roses graced the sanctuary for days afterwards.

Every year, Australia Needs Fatima will present your
prayers and petitions to Our Lady of Fatima.

Candles for Our Lady

A Rosary is offered and candles lit for each and every prayer, petition and intention.

The lighting of candles act as a pledge of devotion to the Blessed Mother’s immaculate heart, and it is a privilege to be a custodian of such beautiful manifestations of devotion.

For years now Australia Needs Fatima delivers to Fatima, Portugal, a white rose for every person who commits to lead a Public Rosary Rally every October

The Shrine of Fatima keeps the memory of the event and the message of Fatima.
It has the mission of studying and diffusing this message, worked as a means of evangelisation in Portugal and worldwide.

Pilgrims arrive in Fatima throughout the year, but especially in the summer and on the feast days of May 13 and October 13. On May 12 and October 12, crowds of pilgrims (as many as 75,000) throng the small town in cars, on bicycles, in donkey carts, or on foot. Some approach the shrine on their knees in penance. Once in Fatima, they camp out and wait for dawn. On the 13th, pilgrims wave their handkerchiefs in homage as a statue of Our Lady of Fatima is passed through the central square between about 10am and 12:30pm. There are large torch-light processions held in the evenings.

The Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima (Portuguese: Nossa Senhora do Rosário da Fátima) is one of most famous Marian shrines in the world. Some four million people visit Fatima each year.

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