Fatima in PNG

Fatima in
Papua New Guinea

PNG mission

Our Fatima apostolate has been flourishing across
Papua New Guinea and Fiji

Australia Needs Fatima’s outreach to Oceania is bringing the Fatima message to people throughout the region. Tens of thousands have participated in our programs, particularly the Fatima pilgrimages, or ‘walkabouts’ as they are called. Whenever there is demand, our Pilgrim Virgin is there, venerated by young and old alike.

Local organising commitees set up the programs. The challenges are daunting. With infrastructure limited, the way is often by boat, or flying into remote airstrips, or hiking jungle trails. Local organisers work hard to arrange logistics, liaise with local parishes, and coordinate with village elders.

Fatima in Fiji

Australia needs Fatima has an
outreach extending across Oceania.

Despite such challenges, our Pilgrim Virgin continues to reach ever more villages, parishes, schools, hospitals, and prisons. We supply youth groups, schools, and local Church communities with rosaries, medals, books, prayer cards, and audio-visual resources.

This mission has been possible due to the generous support of Australia Needs Fatima members. Thanks to your help, Our Lady showers the fervent souls of Oceania with graces.

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