On Saturday October 11, 2014, approximately 168 groups all across Australia took part in a-nation-wide Public Square Rosary Rallies in commemoration of the final (October) apparition at Fatima. The intention of these prayerful rallies was to ask Our Lady of Fatima to intercede for God’s merciful blessing upon Australia.

While this was the first time Australia Needs Fatima had nationally coordinated this event, the modest target of fifty (50) rosary rallies was far exceeded. With a total of 168 groups nationwide (QLD = 30, NSW = 63, SA = 13, VIC = 39, WA = 20, ACT = 3), the responses were very positive. There were a number of groups led by priests, nuns or religious. Most were led by lay people, some quite elderly, who rose to the challenge of witnessing the faith to the public. Some groups have resolved to hold it annually along with various parish communities. Even now we are still receiving photos and reports from various Rosary Captains who have conducted their rallies in their respective areas.

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“a very successful, solemn and prayerful gathering”

Our Rosary Captains have worked hard promoting this in their parishes and local communities. For some groups, the planning for the event was not ‘smooth sailing’ as they could not get from local authorities the proper permission to organize the event on a public space. However, this did not deter them from getting it organized within the vicinity of the local parish which showed great support.

Mrs Screen, a Rosary Captain for Kardinya, WA, said that her rally was “a very successful, solemn and prayerful gathering,”, with an estimated of 45 faithful joining her rally.

While Mr. Dobbs of Torrens, ACT, said that he had difficulty in organizing it in public due to Council restrictions, nevertheless he was determined to still do it for Our Lady and succeeded in gathering 35 in the local parish car park. “I am very happy and feel so blessed being taking part in the Public Square Rosary. I sincerely thank the Lord for allowing me this privilege to honour Our Lady of Fatima in public. I just pray that next year, more people will participate,” he said.

Overall, the nationwide Public Square Rosary was successful in gathering hundreds of faithful in prayer and fellowship as they publicly witness in solidarity the faith as sure sign of God’s love and hope for an outpouring of grace for Australia.

Due to a great response from our Rosary Captains, we will be holding another Public Square Rosary this October 10, 2015 (the nearest Saturday of the October apparition of Fatima).

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