Our Lady of Fatima wants you and your friends
no matter how many or how few to pray a rosary in public.


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Public Square Rosary
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Why Public Square Rosary?

The opportunity for your community to join together in public prayer.

Why will we be praying together?

To reclaim the public square for God.
Religion is being banished from public life. Let people see that prayer is still acceptable in public and not to be ashamed in promoting our faith.

For Conversion
Witnessing our faith to others. How are they to know about God if we don’t tell them?

For Reparation
Today, many blasphemies take place in public. We must make reparation in public.

How to get people to join?
  1.  Select a suitable location accessible to many and set a time.
  2. Invite people from the community in person, by phone or email.
  3. Advertise your event using the posters on Bulletin boards, Parish and local community locations.
Can I get a Public Liability Insurance cover?

If you require a public liability insurance cover for your event, you may send us an email at info@fatima.org.au or ring us at (02)9715 2324 and we will send it to you. Keep note that this cover is only limited to the day that you have mentioned of your event and cannot be transferred to any other days.

Can I organise a Public Square Rosary at a different date?

We encourage everyone to organise it on October 13 – the Saturday nearest to the anniversary of the final apparition at Fatima. But if this date is not possible, then the group is free to organise it on a different date in October.

  • West Wallsend NSW
    West Wallsend NSW
  • Sydney NSW
    Sydney NSW
  • Sunnybank QLD
    Sunnybank QLD
  • Redcliffe QLD
    Redcliffe QLD
  • Queanbeyan NSW
    Queanbeyan NSW
  • Paradise Point QLD
    Paradise Point QLD
  • Noble Park VIC
    Noble Park VIC
  • Newport VIC
    Newport VIC
  • Narre Warren VIC
    Narre Warren VIC
  • Mt Gambier SA
    Mt Gambier SA
  • Merrylands NSW
    Merrylands NSW
  • Merrylands NSW
    Merrylands NSW
  • Merrylands NSW
    Merrylands NSW
  • Kincumber ACT
    Kincumber ACT
  • Frankston VIC
    Frankston VIC
  • Corinda QLD
    Corinda QLD
  • Chatswood NSW
    Chatswood NSW
  • Cecil Hills NSW
    Cecil Hills NSW
  • Burpengary QLD
    Burpengary QLD
  • Burpengary QLD
    Burpengary QLD
  • Burpengary QLD
    Burpengary QLD
  • Burpengary QLD
    Burpengary QLD
  • Banyo QLD
    Banyo QLD
  • Aspendale VIC
    Aspendale VIC

The Public Square Rosary has given us the opportunity
to commemorate Our Lady as a community.
Not only was it great to meet new people,
it helped us to do something nice for Our Lady!

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