Our Lady’s Fifth Apparition – September 13, 1917

A crowd estimated at 20,000 observed atmospheric phenomena similar to those of the previous apparitions: the sudden cooling of the air, a dimming of the sun to the point where the stars could be seen, and a rain resembling iridescent petals or snowflakes that disappeared before touching the ground.

This time, a luminous globe was noticed by the whole crowd moving slowly and majestically through the sky from east to west. At the end of the apparition it moved back in the opposite direction. The visionaries saw a flash of light, and immediately following the flash they saw Our Lady over the holm oak.

Our Lady: Continue to pray the rosary to obtain the end of the war. In October, Our Lord will also come, as well as Our Lady of Sorrows and Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and Saint Joseph with the Child Jesus, to bless the world. God is pleased with your sacrifices, but He does not want you to sleep with the ropes; wear them only during the day.
(The children were wearing rough irritating ropes around their waists in order to offer penance for sinners.)
Lucia: They have requested me to ask you for many things, for the cure of some sick persons, for a deaf-mute.
Our Lady: Yes, I will cure some, others not. In October, I will perform a miracle for all to believe. (Then rising towards the east she left in the same manner as always.)

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